Worldwide: Narcissists (Sweden)

Could you first of all give us a little introduction on who you are, when you’ve started, which releases etc.
The Narcissists is a underground hip hop group from Stockholm, Sweden. We’ve been a group for five years n’ we’ve released two albums: Temporarily forever n’ Planet Euthanasia. The group consists of MC’s Bucc ’ Ebomb, producer Moonshine n’ Dj A-wax.

Could you describe your kind of Hip Hop music briefly?

Poetic rhymes n’ abstract battle rhymes over hard sample built, head-nod beats.

A lot of MC’s over here in the Netherlands are influenced by Hip Hop from the US, is that the same in your case? (if not, who else?, if so, who?)

We’re also influenced by MC’s n’ producers from the States. My favorite MC’s at the moment are Aesop Rock, Vast Aire, Qwel etc – Ebomb is really in to The Roots, J-live n’ more smooth MC’s. Moonshine is an old cat so he’s in to the oldies like Fat Joe, Boot Camp, Alkaholiks n’ stuff like that. A-wax likes a lot of Dilated Peoples n’ stuff, but also a lot of Reggae, ragga, RNB n’ soul.

Do you think that you will also be able to do your thing successfully across your own borders?

We‘ve just released our second album in Germany n’ it seems like we’re going to sell some units ova there. We’ve already sold around 200 copies of the album in USA just by sellin’ it ova the Net.

Did you already do international collaborations? If so, with whom?

We’ve collabed with Buck65 from Canada, Vg Skillz, BMW n’ Castro from The States n’ Freddy Nukes from Denmark. Moonshine has produced a beat that Jugga da Bully flips some bars ova.

Which is ‘the place to be’ for Hip Hop heads going on holiday in Sweden?

There’s not much of real hip hop, but the best club is without a doubt Basic in Stockholm. Stockholm’s the place yo!

What is the state of Hip Hop in Sweden? And which other acts do we certainly have to look out for?

We’ve got some good MC’s n’ like a million MC’s that suck. More MC’s than people that wanna listen n’ too many MC’s rappin’ in Swedish. We’ve got some really good producers though. Some producers are Andre, Moonshine (of course), Filthy, Masse, Aegiz, Soul Supreme, Embee etc. The best MC’s in Swedish are without a doubt Ken n’ Ison n’ Fille. MC’s that flip in English are Kashaal-Tee, K-Real, Mufakka, Thomas Rusiak (it’s been a while), Blizzak, Pure Purpose, Proffesor P etc.

Where and when can we see you perform shortly?

We’re going to perform a lot in Germany durin’ this fall… Check Backspin magazine or for more info. There’s tons of old mp3’s up on our site. Also you should check out for our latest video n’ for our graffwriters-video n’ tour video… K-Line baby, K-Line baby!

Tell people that they can order the cd from or or a German hip hop site.

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