Worldwide: Ceebrolistics (Finland)

Could you first of all give us a little introduction on who you are, since when, which releases etc.
We are Ceebrolistics – Pijall, Rrimöykk and Matti Pentikinen. We started making music back in 1990 (first try for a song together) and have released music since 1995, most notable ones being “a day of the people in between” (1998) and “0. ep” (2001). Other projects include a Rrimöykk-produced instrumental album “homeless beats” (1996), Pijall’s solo “the cave” (1999) and Mattip’s solo “the king” (2003). Besides that also “kasvot” (1999), “pöly” (2001) and 3 murmurecordings records.

Could you describe your kind of Hip Hop music briefly?
As a rather electronic one. Lots of dub echos, clicks, hisses and bass. It’s hiphop for people who feel electronic music.

A lot of artists over here in the Netherlands are influenced by Hip Hop from the US, is that the same in your case? (if no, who else?, if yes, who?)
Well, we we’re heavily influenced by west coast underground hiphop from about 1993 on, people like the Project Blowed MC’s, Living Legends, Hiero… since then our musical world has expanded a lot, though old Grouch still sounds hella good! We’ve been feeling a lot of the Memphis style gangsta stuff too.

Do you think that you will also be able to do your thing successfully across your own borders?
Hopefully. We’re just in the midst of discussing deals for international releases/distribution. Since today most of the people who’ve been into our music have had to dig it from the internet or ask us to send some to where ever they live.

Did you already do international collaborations? If yes, with whom?
Yup. The first murmurecordings album had a song with PSC of Mystik Journeymen, and one with Eclipse 427, too. A later murmurecordings record had a song that featured a Japanese guy called Keisuke, who turned out to be one of Japan’s most well-known MC’s. His group is called Ripslyme. More recently, we did a 2 song single “apease/anagrr” for MUSH with Listener. It should be coming out pretty soon.

Which is ‘the place to be’ for Hip Hop heads going on holiday in Finland?
Party: definitely Worldwide at Tavastia, or then almost any given night at a local club called “we got beef” (yup, the name IS stupid!).
Or then for people more into experimental stuff: Grayframe weekends.
Shops: the funkiest (the #1 hiphop record shop in Helsinki), Lifesaver (run by the same people that organize worldwide).

What is the state of Hip Hop in Finland? And which other acts do we certainly have to look out for?
Hiphop’s pretty big in Finland, I mean last year’s biggest selling artist was a rapper. But I would suggest to seek records by Indievidual, Kemmuru, Lost Cause,… and ofcourse the 7" ’s put by ghettolabel Anti-Party.

Where and when can we see you perform shortly?
We will be playing in the KGB bike release party in Amsterdam on the 27.02.04… and the venue is: Bitterzoet.

Ceebrolistics – Redelete

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