School of Hard Knocks – 3rd Edition (November 20th 1999)

The third edition was mastered by Cane who took home FL 1.000,-. After a tight battle between DJ Extraa and DJ Rockid. Cane a.k.a. de biertjesdief after the audience chose him to be the winner: “I love ya all. Ya’ll get a beer from me!” But after collecting his dough he was exiting the building.

The evening started kind of wack. There are five spots of the seven reserved in advance, but three out of the five crews did not show up. The organization took the phone fifteen minutes before the start of the first competitor. ODC: “Sorry for not calling but we just broke up.” Triangle (second time): “Sorry for not calling but our DJ is sick.” And MC Pester‘s girlfriend called two hours before the show started: _"He’s tired.“_ Next time there will not be five spots you can reserve. You just have to show up and enter the School schedule when the venue opens. Ten minutes later DJ Rockid entered the Frascati Theater. _”I want to join."_ With him, three more competitors entered the competition schedule. In a split second, all the spots were taken.

The line up of the 3rd Edition:
Suns Of Rah (South Africa), Roodbaard (Oudekerk), Spontaneous (Houston and Amsterdam), DJ Rockid (Delft), Onafhankelijk (Almere), F.C. (Oakland) and Mic Cypher (Amsterdam). Sadly this time no breakers only MC’s and DJ’s. After they all had their ten minutes of freedom, there were no more excuses. The audience had to choose their winner. It was the only DJ who joined the competition: DJ Rockid. He had 15 minutes to prepare for the Final Call: the battle. Within 15 minutes anybody who wanted to challenge DJ Rockid had the opportunity to announce them at Mickey, who wrote down the names on in the schedule.

Take a shot

There were 10 entries who wanted to challenge the choice of the audience. Four new crews: Jeuce, Fresh, P.C.P. and DJ Extraa. Spontaneous broke up, Cane and Zin (Houston) both enter on the solo tip.

Onafhankelijk, Suns Of Rah, Mic Cypher and F.C. all wanted to take a second shot. The audience once more had to choose who they wanted to see challenge DJ Rockid. Shockwave: “You choose ‘I think this niggah is the one. I want to see him challenging Rockid! No jury, not about who’s the best DJ or MC’s. It’s about the best show and you decide who’s going home with FL 1000,-.”

The audience participation was big and they made up their mind but it was a tie between DJ Extraa and Cane. So what now? Shockwave: “Fuck it, the organization decided to let both challenge DJ Rockid.” So, it became DJ Extraa vs Cane vs Rockid. Rockid rocked it with a damn good and dope set. Ripping up beats and lyrics, ending his set with TLC’s T-Boz: _"You should take a lesson from me." _

DJ Extraa, Rockids friend and colleague, took his chance to beat him as well as Cane did. He delivered a good and dope set but could not master out Rockid and Cane.

For Cane it was FL 1000,- or loosing his reputation. After loosing the first edition of School Of HardKnocks he could not effort to loose twice. Being a Triple X soldier he no more acted as a U.N. mission but as NATO: full force. He started beat boxing, a lot of peeps did not even know he could. Dropping rhymes and massive punch lines, which made him stealing the show. If you were not there, shame on you. History was written here by Extraa, Rockid and Cane. The Triple X soldier took the title home to The Netherlands, the first two editions were won by MC Metropolitan from the States and Killer Tactics from Belgium.

On the move

Frascati Theater is going to renovate their foundations so all of the theater and it’s program will be moving to Amsterdam Southeast. The 4th Edition of School Of HardKnocks on 5 or 12 February in Neighbourhood Center Ganzenhoef, Amsterdam Southeast. For more details check ART12 later. You know the deal about the last trains and metro’s. So for a while no more downtown Amsterdam with glitter and glamour, the School is going home to the concrete jungle.

It’s all in the game

The audience and artists are getting used to the concept and how to play the game. From all over the country and even the world, this is a platform to showcase themselves. All the people can get involved. [NES] Productions, Just 4 Fun and ART12 made a platform were people can put their money where their mouth is, it’s the place were you have 10 minutes of freedom and no excuses.

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