OuterSpace dropt 23 augustus nieuw album

Planetary schreef het volgende over het nieuwe album op zijn Tumblr:

“My Brother’s Keeper…. It’s done. It’s mixed. It’s mastered. The artwork’s done. I’m hype. Can’t you tell? This album is my favorite of all. I’m saying that for this reason: It’s our best, lyrically, and it’s the best production so far. We kept it limited with the amount of producers this time. We have a core of guys that never fail us so we figured we stick to the script. Mack the Knife (MTK) is a fuckin’ genius on the production. He did 3 tracks. Dc the Midialien got 4 joints. He made this album a perfect album. He gave it it’s sound. Without his contributions , I don’t think we’d be finished yet, even after 3 years. We got Cynic from Sickside Army (Psycho Realm)on a track we did with Sick Jacken. This the East Coast /West Coast anthem y’all! I’m telling you , this shit will be remembered for a long time. We got the homie Dj Soundtrax who you might remember. He did “Reign of Chaos” on Blood Brothers. We had to bring him back to do a dope conceptual joint we had in mind. Another beast you know  I’m sure, is Vanderslice. He did a neck snapper, fight music type joint. This one will have the moshpits poppin’ on tour. I guarantee that. Then we got my brother Nero, who you know from working with Vinnie. He laced us with my favorite joint on the album. It’s the “Outerspace” song Crypt calls it. As hard as it is to accept Skammadix as a friend for being a Mets fans, we man up and stay peace. haha he laced us with our self titled joint ” My Brother’s Keeper”. This joint set the tone. Last but not least, C-Lance. The young blood of the clik. You will be proud of him yet again after you hear the joint he did for us. As for features, I’m not tellin you just yet. When we unleash the artwork and Tracklisting , which will be very soon, and then you will see! August 23rd!!!!”