Murdered by Bronson

Plaat van delict: Every Time You See Me (The Quack)
Slachtoffers: Blood Diamonds en D-Mac
Woordwapen: When I come home she be smelling all my boxers / ‘Motherfucker, why your penis smell like lobster?’ / Cause I’m a mobster bitch, But so is every motherfucker on my roster, bitch


Plaat van delict: It’s Raw
Slachtoffers: Inspectah Deck en Esoteric
Woordwapen: Straight away, false moves will make you lay with fish / Take a piss, my shorty hold it cause I sprained the wrist


Plaat van delict: The Spark
Slachtoffers: Joey Bada$$ en Mike Posner
Woordwapen: You ain’t seen me for a minute, but I been here / Money getting longer like my chin hair / I sport the latest style of swimwear


Plaat van delict: Red Dot Music
Slachtoffer: Mac Miller
Woordwapen: I said it must be the drugs that got us thinking crazy shit /Groupie bitches wild enough to suck a baby’s dick


Plaat van delict: Live Blasphemous
Slachtoffer: Joey Fatts
Woordwapen: I throw a child down the stairs if needed / The next day see me smoking with my fans in Sweden


Plaat van delict: Three Course Meal
Slachtoffers: Probcause en Chance The Rapper
Woordwapen: Twist it in a bath with your honey / Don’t have to ask her, she do everything for me / Shine up the balls, keep ’em looking pristine / Take a chisel to the word scope a dime for a fiend


Plaat van delict: Take My Turn
Slachtoffers: Termanology en Jared Evan
Woordwapen: Fold you back when you fuck around with the rapping cook / Jackie Chan or Van Damme, kick with classic foot


Plaat van delict: The One
Slachtoffer: Prodigy
Woordwapen: Eyes closed switching speeds, hitting the weave / I shapeshift to a disease, attack your lung and cripple your knees / R&B chicks are twisted with ease – Blitzkrieg


Plaat van delict: Rock Steady
Slachtoffers: Nicky da B, RiFF RAFF en Mr MFN eXquire
Woordwapen: I fuck the pussy, not marry it, world on my shoulders, doggy, I carry it / I’m more than happy with my bitch, she got no saggy tits / I’ll do it old school style and give her baggy dick


Plaat van delict: Lose Control (C-Lance Remix)
Slachtoffer: Rite Hook
Woordwapen: I kill a bear, rock the body as a jacket / I’m like my daughters lunch cause i pack it (thunder rappin)


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