Auteur: Julia M. Meluso
Datum: oktober 2010
Onderwijs: Graduate School-Camden Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 

Art placed in a public setting has a remarkable way of touching people’s lives on a
regular basis. Normally situated in a spot for thousands of people to see, this artwork
has the ability to inspire thousands. However, although many of those that create public
art hope to arouse their audience, does it truly matter to the daily passerby? Or does
public art merely blend into the scenery for those who encounter it as part of their daily
routine? These were some of the many questions that I sought to answer with this
Focusing primarily on murals, the aim of this study is to uncover whether or not
these huge public art displays have the ability to affect the quality of life of those who live among them. In order to measure the impact of murals I studied a test group of young students that live in Camden City and encounter three specific murals that were chosen for this research. Also included in this study is a brief history of public art and two of the most prominent mural programs in America, the Social and Public Art Resource Center in Los Angeles, and the Mural Arts Prom in Philadelphia. This research seeks to determine whether murals have an impact on individual’s lives.

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