Jam Master Jay neergeschoten

Run DMC’s Jam Master Jay Killed

Wednesday – October 30, 2002

In a tragic event, Jason Mizell 37 also known to the Hip Hop world as Jam Master Jay of the legendary rap group Run-DMC was shot and killed earlier tonight, October 30, 2002. Details on the shooting are still sketchy, but Jam Master Jay was said to be in a studio in Jamaica, Queens, New York. He was working on a track for someone’s album, when he was shot in the head. Another unidentified man was also shot in the leg.

The shootings occurred before 9pm tonight, and it is confirmed that a man hunt for the shooter is under way. It is very possible that an autopsy may be performed on Jam Master Jay as early as tomorrow.

Outside the studio where the incident occurred at 10:30 pm a large crowd of friends and family, which included Lyor Cohen (Def Jam President), gathered to mourn the loss of one of Hip Hop’s legends.

Jam Master Jay was not only a DJ for Run-DMC and the creator of the Scratch Academy, but was a son, husband and father.

Source: www.hiphopdx.com

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