Dstroy is weg bij de Arsonists. Waarom? Heeft hij nog verdere plannen? Lees het hier dan!

What is Dstroy? What do you stand for?
I‘m a person who loves, what I do. I wanna have fun, I wanna do everything I can do. I love this, and I want people who love it, that dope rhyme or that break, understand that I love it. And I want it to be preserverd and I want everybody to love this. What does Dstroy mean, I’m just one of the niggers, and hopefully there is a bunch of more niggers. So we can make a lot of dope fucking shows. With a lot of people really feelin it and love it.

What went wrong with the arsonists?
Uhm they started wearing my clothes man and I didn‘t want them wearing my shit. My underwears and stuff! J
You know I was already working on some solo records and shit. Didn’t put anything out and then we were doing the whole group shit. And everybody knew I wanted to do my own thing. So it was time. It was like just do it.

You were mature enough to do youre own thing?
Yeah, I was like, aight cool! So I did the one single, and I then did the second one, and then I put out the whole shit Cataclysm, in euh, February, March. The Arsonists put out their new one and doing their shows and shit. So everybody is doing their own thing

Is your relationship with the arsonists stil okay?
Yes, we‘re cool.

You gave some amazing shows with the arsonists in Holland but there weren’t much peeps? How did u reflect on that?
Together we killed this shit! We were payin dues. You come up, and a lot of people didn‘t knew who Arsonists was. And then you got these little promoters who is like I don’t really know them.. It‘s the fans that who gotta be like: no, we want them! A lot a people come like this, this is Planet Rock.. This is big promotion behind this event.
It always sucks, that you didn’t get a lot of people at you‘re shows. But you know what, you guys right here, you got a story. You’ve seen Arsonists when they we‘re all together. You know what I’m sayin, nobody can tell you anything.
But all together it was fun. Even if there was a little bit of people. It was personal then. Everybody: Hey whatsup man. We could chill. Here there is so many people. And I‘m rocking on stage and you see people knowing the words to the song. So that is real good, even to the new ones, that feels better. But there is only one of me, so I can’t go say whatup to bunch of people. It takes to much time.

I heard the song the show must go on? What is it about?
It‘s telling you what happened happened. I gotta keep on doing my thing. I’m not gonna stop. Hiphop is stil here, so I gotta keep on rockin, that‘s what it’s all about.

What is the most beautiful thing about hiphop?
The most beautiful thing about hiphop is that I get to know you! You know what I‘m sayin. I never see you in New York, I never see you in Brooklyn. You‘ll never see me in Germany unless it is hiphop. Hiphop brought us together now. So you know I love everything about it, as a little kid, the clothes, the grafitti is beautiful, the dancing is amazing! It’s my life.

MC or Bboy? What would it be?
I‘m an MC. How cose? I’m an mc! It‘s like you said you or Biggie Smalls? Me, Biggie is good, but I gotta be me, you know what I’m saying. It‘s amazing that these bboys fucking can do what they do. You’re not supposed be touching you‘re head with you’re feet and doing all that crazy shit. They get bruises, they get they‘re fuckin shoulders hurt and everything. But it‘s our culture. It’s like the guys doin tricks on bicycles and skateboards they get hurt, but they love that shit! They‘ll do it again. That shit is real right there.

Do you have certain goals set for the future?
I wanna do music, fall in love with it and still do it. Raise my kids into hiphop. I’ve got a lot of goals, man. But I‘m worried about now. It’s a setup for the future. So it‘s like I come here, do this one show. Meet y’all niggers, meet everybody. Be real cool about it. Then come out here on a tour. And if I see you again, you be like: Yo D whatup. You know the records now, and now we got music to talk about.

That’s our goal too, to show the people there is a lot more than the ussual hiphop.
Even fucking, I mean.. Yo, Holland I‘m talkin to you. If you love hiphop, anybody who is reading this, I’m talking to you. Don‘t get it confused, commercial hiphop there is a lot of shit that sucks there. But in the underground that is a shit that sucks thereeee! I’m not gonna front and gonna act like everything is the bomb that comes from the ground.
When we started, Arsonists, that is when that shit just started for the whole. But then a lot of fucking corny-ass niggers started doing what the hell they want.To the fans out there, love what you wanna love. If somebody says they don‘t like it that does it mean you shouldn’t like it. That’s pretty much it!

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