De legendarische DJ A-Trak zou een set gaan doen in Rotown na zijn show die hij deed met Kanye West in Ahoy. Hoe zou deze nog jonge dj het verschil in publieksaantal aanpakken? (Tekst: Engels)

Wednesday the 8th of March was a great day for many reasons. First of all, the results of the local elections came in, and the country was painted in socialist colors. Secondly, Fenerbahce beat Galatasaray 2-1 in the cup, and the legendary A-Trak would be performing in Rotterdam. Enough reason to have a good celebration of cuts and beers.

Rotown was not filled too much around my entrance time of 23:15 and I immediately saw the Kinky Klappers (comprised of The Gruesome Twosome: Vindictiv and Optimus) along with DJ Eniless. Dope shit was being blasted from the speakers ranging from Cage to Mr.Lif to the always melancholic track “Work” from RJD2. Finally! After spending hours and hours of time at Drum n’ Bass clubs for my girlfriend, I could enjoy a beer with the music I truly love.

Around 00:30 it was time for DJ A-trak to hit the stage and do his thing. Now I was excited! I mean, this man has been the world champion 6 times ranging from DMC to ITF to Vestax Extravaganza events… crazy!. I’ve seen many of his sets on DVD and now he was a couple of meters away from me doing his stuff which was playing with his laptop!

Noooo, not again! After the Blockhead fiasco in Amsterdam and the disastrous performance of Bambaata in Splash Germany, I was really starting to lose hope in these DJ’s. I mean, the Gruesome Twosome didn’t need turntables! Why A-trak.. Why? Whhhhyyyy?

So the young guy starts blasting his music from the laptop to be accompanied by cuts on his turntable. It was dope but also extremely short! A-trak fooled around with a couple of routines lasting a maximum of 15 minutes or so. He later went to playing some obscure shit from the 80’s and other music styles “to get the people dancing”! Awwww damn.. I mean, if A-trak is there, I want to hear some cuts! I demand some cuts! I traveled 1.5 hours on the train to hear some cuts! If I wanted a normal DJ set, I would have gone to my neighbor who recently bought his first mp3 player!

The evening ended with 10 more minutes of cuts from the legendary child. All in all, it was nice but waaaaay too short. If you lived in Rotterdam, it was well worth your 5 euros. If you came from Middelburg to watch this, you were a fool! So I’m gonna stand in the corner now with one leg up! But who cares, long live the left faction of the country!

Hoogtepunt: Kinky Klappers
Dieptepunt: A-Trak’s short routines
Wc: Free
Garderobe: None!
Fotograferen: Sure
Geluid: Good enough
Bezoekers: +- 60
Damage: 5 Euros (dooope!)
Cijfer: 6.5

Geplaatst door bowie op 15 maart 2006