Trackstar the DJ – The Mountain Will Fall Megamix


Trackstar the DJ van Run The Jewels was geïnspireerd door de nieuwe plaat van DJ Shadow, maakte er een dope mix van, en kreeg tot zijn verrassing nog props van zijn idool ook. #DeLeven.

Since before I was even a DJ, Shadow was a hero of mine. Since I first heard it at 15, Endtroducing still stands as my favorite album of all time–any genres, no qualifications. His approach to hearing and producing music, as well as the integrity he has displayed throughout his career are inspiring, and his catalog has remained in constant rotation for me over the last two decades.

A couple of weeks ago, while walking around in the woods and listening to his new album The Mountain Will Fall, I thought about the incredible DJ Q-Bert megamix Camel Bobsled Race, which was a mashup of Shadow tracks released alongside Pre-Emptive Strike in 1997, and decided to try my hand at making a similar megamix. I thought it came out pretty dope, so I nervously sent it to my idol. Amazingly he dug it, and now it’s on his soundcloud where you can listen to it.

Shouts out to Hindsight, the Shadow fan e-mail list I’ve been on since the late 90s, and Mass Appeal for signing Shadow and making us basically labelmates. What a life.