School of Hard Knocks – 1st Edition (March 14th 1999)

So what happens when you take away all reasons to complain and give back the essential being of HipHop, the essential of art: freedom? People get confused. But they were curious and kept up the good spirit. And once the coin dropped it was on!!

Jackie the-American-girl-at-Fat Beats-Amsterdam said it right: “This is what Amsterdam needs: HardKnocks!” Finally there is a platform for every one who wants to show his skills to the world. There are no criteria to join and there is no fucked up jury. Because the audience decides who’s the best and who takes home one grand in CA$H. It’s the place to pay dues and earn respect, to check out ‘new’ talent and the underground scene. And the place where you can promote and sell your independent shit.

So the first edition of School Of HardKnocks, March 14th 1999, was won by Metropolian who included Jay. He was chosen by the audience and challenged by Cane in the Final Call. Cane tried hard and fought like a true b-boy but Jay brought more friends who made more noise then Cane’s peeps. Cane recognized the winner and out of respect received f200,- cash of the f1.000,- price money from Jay.

First edition of the School was hosted by Two Outta Millions’ Laquatal and DJ Mass and featured the following b-boys: Avalanche from Zaandam, Cane from the Triple X, Mad Stylz (breakers) from Groningen, Metropolitan with Jay from Miami. Majid representing Iran by boogie. MoPoetic with DJ Kipsky on the one and two. And Armageddon from Brooklyn. Mickey had the control over the blackboard. Writing down the competitors with a UFO.

Everybody did the ten minutes. Cane did it a little lazy in a mad drunken gangsta style. Sure he would win on his own turf. But Jay was the one who was hip to the game from the minute the flyers came out. He brought the most friends. Suddenly Cane jumped to the conclusion that the chance was big that he would not go home with the grand. Jumped to that conclusion you could hear the coin dropping. Cane was sober in one second and fought hard. But with not enough success. The winner takes it all. But out of respect for the skills Jay gave Cane f200,- cash of the price money. That’s the spirit.

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