Q-Unique review

Q-Unique is geen onbekende in Nederland. Met Non Phixion en Arsonists rockte hij al de nodige shows. Nu stond hij solo op het programma ging die shit los of niet? (Tekst: Engels)

Ahhh, its finally nice to hit the road and start reviewing shows again. After an influx of dope concerts, it was time to rest a bit and get a clear head. Starting off with Q-Unique would be dope, a man I had already seen perform three times before with the legendary New York goons Non Phixion. This time Q would be headlining the show by himself with DJ Presto One, member of the Rock Steady Crew.

Entering the Musicon in The Hague, a familiar sight entered my eyes. An empty hall with few heads ready to peep a show. Really, I cant blame the Dutch crowd anymore. I used to get upset with halls being left empty but there are SO MANY shows going on that people don’t know what to check out anymore. If the promoters would get together and plan this shit wisely, Im sure everyone would benefit more. But then again, the world is far from being perfect and we should all just shut up.

Taking a couple of steps into the venue with “Godfather” Yid, a kid came upto him asking for his autograph. Damn, was this goon that famous? But what happened next left me almost in tears. The kid said something along the lines of “Are you Q-Unique, Im a big fan of yours!”. Hehe, kids.. Gotta love em..

Finishing off my interview with Q-Unique (to be published on HIJS soon!), it was now time for the opening act to get the 40 or so people moving. Knowing that this would not be easy, Kas made a very humble approach to the situation and won the hearts of the crowd with his dope beats and straight up Dutch flows. Props to this man, make sure you check out his solo joint.

It was time for Q-Unique to hit the stage and he did so with a rock intro. Getting himself hyped up, it did not matter to this man whether he was rocking a full Melkweg or empty Musicon. He gave it his everything and basically rapped until his lungs almost burst. Big props and respect to that. The fact that the sound quality was not too great either didn’t help out much, but Q still ripped the stage apart with his energy and immensely strong vocals.

The inclusion of DJ Presto One also made it a dope show because of the remarkable performance he gave over the “Urban Gorillas” beat that was on Sabac Red’s album. On point scratching and playing with the fader made it a great performance, even though the records did skip a couple of times during the show.

Q-Unique continued giving a hype show with tracks such as “One Shot” and my personal favorite “Psychological Warfare”. Im repeating myself like a hundred times here but it was really dope to see how much energy this man had. Also, spitting freestyles over some boom-bap beats, Q gave props to HIJS which made us all real proud. Dope to see that the MC’s recognize the real shit.

Before finishing off his set that took over an hour, Q-Unique gave away some posters to the crowd and finished off his set in a very strong way by spitting lyrics over Non Phixion bangers such as “The CIA Is Trying to Kill Me” and “Its Us”. He also called Kas and Turkish MC Al-J on stage to spit a track which was nice to see. Finally, Q performed a couple of Arsonists tracks which left the old school heads with a rush inside of them. Definitely a dope evening, and a shame on you for not being there!

Hoogtepunt: The man himself, Q-Unique
Dieptepunt: Low turnout
Wc: Didn’t dare to use
Fotograferen: Yeah!
Geluid: Bad
Bezoekers: circa 50
Damage: 10 Euros
Cijfer: 7.5 (an 8.5 if the venue was full)

Geplaatst door bowie op 2 februari 2005