Orko The Sykotic Alien

Wie is Orko The Sykotic Alien? Waar ligt Middelburg? Zou dit een dikke avond worden? Enig idee dat er Finse hiphop bestond? (Tekst Engels)

I was actually going to a concert that was within walking distance. Its been a very long time since I have been able to do this so it felt very refreshing. Walking out of my house, it only took me 4 minutes to get to the Midgard, the friendly Middelburg venue where Orko would be performing.

The Midgard should be very proud with the people that they have managed to get there so far. First they hosted the legendary Abstract Rude show (check out my famous review of the event- its so ironic that I actually live here now) and now they have managed to get another very underground act including some ultra depressed MC’s from Finland.

What’s cool about the Midgard is that everybody knows each other and it’s a very close community. Among the crowd were some ultra punk rock heads and other people who you would never imagine listening to Orko. I’ll be honest, I had never heard of this guy before either.

Orko was supported by some MC’s from Finland for the tour, and they had a tough job because they were driving all across Europe for the shows. The first mc to hit the stage was “the driver” of the tour ‘Van’. The man from Finland had some very depressing beats that reminded me of some early Alias work. Not much could be said about his stage performance (cuz the man looked very tired and barely had any eye contact with the audience) but I was genuinely moved by the beats.

The second MC was a very strange one. This tall man from Finland had a very good English pronunciation but the beats were very strange. I looked at my buddy with a gaze of surprise on my face, and decided to call this new genre “Space-Hop”. It was a lot of electronic fast paced beats with the mc rhyming over it clearly. The Finnish men definitely had talent, and it was dope to hear some rhymes in their native language as well.

Looking around the Midgard, I saw that the turnout was quite low. This surprised me because it was really different with Abstract Rude where the whole venue was almost jam packed full. Orko was walking around stoned as a rock picking up more beers from the bar. The guy could barely walk straight.

Starting his set, Orko continued the “Space-Hop” episode with 4-5 people hanging around near the stage. It can even be said that some of his music makes me reminisce about British drum and bass music. To be honest, this wasn’t really my cup of tea but people seemed to be enjoying it. Orko was stoned out of this planet and busy orbiting the earth while the heads were digging his political rhymes over futuristic beats.

Overall, this was an evening for a drum and bass head more then it was for a hiphop head. I had the chance to hang out with Orko a bit after the show and he seemed to be enjoying the Dutch drug policy. The MC’s from Finland had an alright show but lacked stage presence. Orko was literally on a different planet, and the drum and bass had the heads nodding. Im looking forward to the next show in the Midgard, and props to the promoter for always pulling underground acts and charging people only 3 euros to get in.

Hoogtepunt: Finnish driver’s set
Dieptepunt: Very low turnout
Bier: ?
Toilet: Free
Geluid: OK for a small venue
Publiek: Very very little
Damage: 3 euros (!)
Cijfer: 7

Geplaatst door bowie op 5 november 2004