Nas Wants To End Beef With Jay-Z

Nas appeared on Angie Martinez’ Hot 97 show today offering squashing his beef with Jay-Z and offering apologies for blowing up on various rappers. Nas said that his recent beefs were the result of miscommunications and personal matters.
Me- I been ready to rectify it. We had the greatest battle that hip-hop has ever seen – and we should be happy with that – now its time to move on.
Despite Jay-Z taking swipes at Nas on his latest album, The Blueprint 2: The Gift And The Curse, the Queensbridge rapper said that he was ready to end his beef with his cross town rival.
"I just got treated like nothing and there was a lot of personal things going on in the rhymes like baby mothers Nas said, referring to references Jay-Z made about sleeping with the mother of Nas’ child. "Let’s get the peace where it needs to be.
You don’t want to have a beef with somebody forever. Me and old boy [Jay-Z] were never friends so its hard to rectify the situation."
Nas said that after his incident at Hot 97’s Summer Jam, where he was not allowed to perform his stage show the way he wanted, that he felt that everyone was "after him."
He also confirmed that he was planning a mock lynching of Jay-Z on the Summer Jam stage. I was gonna let him know it was all fun at the end of the show. It would have been a historical moment.
Nas said that he reacted in a level that would have gotten him killed in the streets and told Martinez that he didn’t have any animosity towards her or Funkmaster Flex.
I shouted out a lot of rappers and that’s not what I am about no more, Nas continued. I need to chill because I wanna live long.
I was warring with the radio station. What I said had boosted ratings for that other radio station. I’m chilling now. I just finished one of the most incredible albums Nas said in reference to his latest album, God’s Son.
The rapper offered apologies to Nelly, Nore, Flex, Angie and Cam’ron. more serious that what people see on the outside. I just felt alone and my back was against the wall – I just felt like riding. I wanted to end it. I want everybody to know that I’m the big man [for peace]. I don’t want my name involved in conflict anymore.
Nas said that there would be no disses to any rappers on his newest album, God’s Son, and that the LP would be a "non-commercial effort.
God’s Son hits records stores December 17.

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