Jedi Mind Tricks

Eindelijk was het zover! Jedi Mind Tricks zouden voor drie shows naar Nederland komen en zou het wachten beloont worden na zoveel jaren wachten? (Tekst: Engels)

Un-be-liev-able! They are finally here! The Psycho-Social and Violent by Design albums have been dominating my discman for so long that my player basically memorized all the dope lyrics by Paz and Jus with the deep melodic tunes by Stoupe. Hearing these underground legends live is something I’ve been waiting for so long, it would make your grandfather’s war stories boring.

I got off the train in Nijmegen and was waiting for HIJS “employee of the month” Max Prime to pick me up with his convertible BMW. I was disappointed that 1. the guys came to the wrong station to pick me up and 2. the convertible BMW was far from a convertible BMW. Just in time to not miss anything, we got out of the car and walked towards the thorny rose.

The line in front of the Doornroosje was really long! Definitely a big improvement when compared to the Sleazy Listening Tour which consisted of J-Zone, Louis Logic, and Vakill (check the review!). The Doornroosje has always been a dope venue since they don’t charge membership fees or money for getting your jacket hung. The distance between the MC’s and crowd is very small, so you really get an underground party feeling over there. You can also take as many pictures as you want, which is always nice.

The opening act was the gruesome Enge Mannen. Consisting of DJ Nemon, Rauf, Ruys, and Fritz Bomb, these guys put on a show that was far from normal. Consisting of dirty raps and beats, they even took turns to jump in the crowd and start a moshpit. Dope performance with a lot of energy, these guys definitely set the standard for the evening.

After hearing some dope records by DJ Nemon (including the Prefuse73 track “Hide Ya Face”-po po!) it was time for Vinnie and his gang to hit the stage. Storming the battlefield with MC’s Des Devious and Kingsize, the only missing links were Stoupe and the re-united Jedi Mind, Jus Allah. Since the legendary producer is afraid of flying, we had to do with Dj Drew Dollars from the group Outerspace. Definitely not a bad thing, since this man is known for getting crazy on stage.

The Jedi Minds set was a bit different then I expected. Instead of doing full tracks (which is near impossible since Jus Allah was not there), Vinnie Paz spat verses over a lot of short snippets ranging from Violent by Design-Visions of Gandhi- and Legacy of Blood albums. The way I see it, this was not really a “Jedi Mind Tricks” performance. For that to happen, Stoupe would need to be on the turntables while Paz and Jus would spit. Hopefully, this will happen in the future and there are plans being made to make Stoupe get on an airplane.

The set continued with many short tracks from the albums and a couple of solo joints from Kingsize and Devious. But once again, I kind of missed the whole JMT vibe since everyone was not present and Vinnie Paz had to take some short brakes at times with his back turned to the stage. Drew Dollars did his crazy shit once again by being the hypeman. He jumped into the crowd and did other crazy shit on stage like being aggressive. It was unfortunate that the cd skipped a couple of times while the MC’s were spitting, but such is life and we must accept the bullshit that comes along with technology sometimes (vinyl heads will be growling with anger at this point).

The evening ended with possibly the dopest interview in the history of HIJS with Vinnie Paz. He spoke very openly and honestly about many things, and his down-to-earth personality made me like the guy even more. This show was basically the foreplay to what I hope will be an even doper performance in the future. Keep your eyes/ears/wallets out for the new Jedi Minds album (including Jus Allah!) and Army of the Pharaohs. My friends, good days await us.

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Hoogtepunt(en): The hype crowd
Dieptepunt: Shortness of the Set
Bier: 1,60 euro
WC: Free as a bird
Garderobe: Free! Whuut!
Fotograferen : Yes
Geluid : Mwah..
Bezoekers: Full house
Damage: 12,50 euro
Cijfer: 7

Geplaatst door bowie op 7 maart 2005