Dit interview is helaas een beetje kort omdat J-Zone en Al-Shid op het punt stonden te vertrekken. Tevens was Al-Shid bezig een meid van de organisatie op een behoorlijk wacke manier te versieren en aan z'n gedrag en ogen af te lezen was ie behoorlijk stoned. Nadat de meid dus zonder Al-Shid vertrok bleef hij ouwehoeren tijdens het interview met J-zone en ik had dan ook uiterste moeite om me in te houden.

What do u prefer more: producing or performing?
Producing. Cause that is what I always was at heart, I love makin beats, rhyming I just do for fun, it‘s kinda secondary. Production that is where my heart is at, stayin behind the scenes and making beats.

How would you describe youre stlyle of hiphop? You didn’t grow up in a hiphopenvironment.
My style is just humorous and of the wall. I‘m just different, I don’t try to be different. I‘m not into what everybody else is into. I don’t listen to a lot of hiphop, so I don‘t get influencend by hiphop itself. Just try to have fun and bugout. It’s all about fun and humour about me, you know.

I heard you are workin on Huggy Bear‘s and Al-shid’s first singles. How are they coming along?
Al-Shid‘s first single is Ignit the b-side is called Fight-club Ft. Huggie, that will be out in February on Old Maid. We’ll be doing production for a lot of people: Cage, High & Mighty. Possibly Biz Markie, we be talking about that. We sent some beats. I really wanna stay behind the boards and produce for this year.

What u expecting in The Netherlands?
You know the season general is usually more fun and more open and a little bit more appreciative. So I expected a hype crowd and we got a hype crowd, we gotta lot of love. And I loved it out here, I love y‘all.

Which artists do u think will define hiphop in the years to come?
Me and Al-Shid with our label Old Maid J.

Besides you I mean?
It’s hard to say. There are a lot of people that are dope, but I don‘t listen to a lot of hiphop these days. But I’m sure there is a lot of talent.

What are you about?
I‘m just trying to have fun. Do what I can, make party music, put stuff out and just do my thing. Enjoy the game, too many people take it real too serious. Just come in and have fun. Do it a long time and be ready to produce for people.

Are there some final things u want to say to the hiphoheadz in The Netherlands?
Pimps don’t pay taxes, in stores right now!! Help me get a cadillac, because I got get one! Help me get my silk suit! Pimps do pay taxes in The Netherlands, because they‘re legallising everything here.
That’s why I love The Netherlands, everything is legal baby!
Het interview met J-Zone was afgelopen en nu nam Al-Shid onze taperecorder over. Hij was met een portofoon van de security aan het ouwehoeren, hoe hij hier aan kwam was mij een raadsel maar hij was ze wel aan t fokken. Lees maar verder..
Unit 12 where the fuck you‘re at! There is a 187 in progress. J-zone is getting jacked by a bunch of midgets in jerry-curls. What the fuck is going on. Unit 12, there’s a 187 in progress. This is Al-Shid!!

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