Glue – Seconds Away

So some people are starting to say that the underground scene is starting to get boring. The same people doing the same anti-commercial songs with at least one group cut on the album featuring their famous best friends. Maybe its true. Maybe the underground IS starting to get very repetitive and predictable. I mean, all white underground nerd rappers are Slug and Sage wannabes, right?

In a time of turmoil and critical fans comes the group Glue. Adeem, DJ DQ and Maker are three men from Illinois who have definitely succeeded in creating their own sound in a time where everything just sounds alike.

After a very dope intro consisting of turntablism and guitars comes the best song on the album “Goodbye”. Definitely one of the most non-hiphop samples connected with boom-bap drums and Adeem on the mic brings a fresh new noise that would even make your grandmother happy. Continuing with “Winners Never Sleep” (consisting of a very dope piano sample), Glue sets down the mood that they are not a joke or “one day fly” underground artists. This album has definitely been thought out deeply and taken extra care while making it.

Whats good about Glue – Seconds Away is that its not your typical rap album. Tracks like “Play Her Piano” and “Hand in the Sea” add in the element of Kid Koala type tracks consisting of jazz mixed with scratching. Then Adeem continues with deep tracks like “Haunt” which has one of the best samples under a chorus that I’ve heard in a while.

Glue’s first album “Seconds Away” is definitely in my top releases of 2004. It’s thanks to artists like this that we see some change in the scene where everything seems to turn around the same formula. The choices of samples and honest vocals of Adeem add an element of organic life, which is what records seem to be missing these days.

More info:

01. And The Spider Sung
02. Goodbye
03. Winners Never Sleep
04. No Helping
05. Lullaby For The Sun
06. Sock Drawer Blues
07. Hand In The Sea
08. Elbow Room
09. Jump In Lily
10. Mixing Excuses
11. Fighting Ends
12. Sober Window Story
13. Seconds Away
14. 1970
15. Country Funk
16. John Kimball
17. Play Her Piano
18. Haunt

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