- Wonderkid Bounce


Born as Manfred Talvin on the 20th of March 1990 in Paris, France. Wonderkid Bounce moved with his mother to Amsterdam the Netherlands at the age of 1. At the age of six his Mom moved back to France, because he had already started going to school his mom was compelled to leave him at his Auntie’s place. Growing up in the South East of Amsterdam popularly known as the Bijlmer W. B listened to all kinds of music, from well-known Ghanaian artists such as Reggie Rockstone to famous American artists such as Michael Jackson, 2pac, Jamaroquai, Jay-z etc.

Inspired by the young age of Lil Bow Wow WB at the age of 14 started writing his own lyrics with the aim of becoming a rapper. He often showed his rap skills to friends and family, who gave him positive feedback that motivated him to do something serious with his rap skills he began doing so by performing in school and other places.

In 2006 his cousin and 2 other friends started a music group (which has eventually turned into a record label) being all aware of the skills the wonder kid possessed they were glad to add him to their roster as the first artist on their record label called So Fresh Music Group (SFMG).


In 2008 he released his first mix-tape called ´´ The Wonderkid Magic Show´´ which featured various artists and productions by his producer Aye Q. In addition to his mix-tape, WonderkidBounce has featured on other mix-tapes such as StatikMusic´s album called´´ Statiktape Re-release´´, and the Premier Changed my Life Mixtape, executive produced by Hussein suleiman from Dailypaper.


His second mix-tape “B. O.U. N.C. E “(better one “u” never can experience) was released in March 2011. He describes it as the re-introduction and is sure to let people know there's a new Wonder in town.


Wonderkid Bounce is working on his next mixtape called "I'm Going In" Volume 1 and is set to release at the first quarter of 2013




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