- Starrlight – State of Mind

Female Mc Starrlight dropt haar eerste wapenfeit onder de vleugels van het internationale collectief Eastgarden Music. Starrlight is een engelstalige artiest vol passie, emotie en  een hoogstaande delivery. De Ep bevat samenwerkingen met Unknown Mizery (CAN), Speciez (CAN), Lord Lhus (USA) & Persoonlijk (PSL). Shaquille Taylor (broer van starrlight) weet met zijn soul hooks de EP naar een nog hoger niveau te brengen dus je kan zeggen dat het in de genen zit. Beats komen uit de handen van Berthil Reymound, RBD Soulcontroller, Camilo Kouwenberg & Luuk van Older, South Platnum, Oh Jay, Diablo, TRebeats & Passion Hifi.

Download link: http://www.eastgardenmusic.nl/album/starr-light-light-of-the-stars-ep/#

Zie hier ook de 1ste officiele videoclip "Dear Life"  afkomstig van de EP Light Of The Stars: http://youtu.be/TxMuEPIBDCg

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/starrlight

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Starrlight/163940607000667

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Starrlighty




Teagan Starlight Taylor (Born March 14, 1986) known as Starrlight is a female rapper The Netherlands.
She grew up as a normal girl wanting to make a difference in this so called “man’s world”
Pursuing things people say only men could do. So she graduated as a Computer Technician.
Knowing everything about computers she also had a strong love for music.

At an early age she developed her love for music and started listening to Madonna.
This was her favourite artist at the time.
“When I was a baby my mom bought me a walkman with a big ass headphone wich didn’t even fit my head properly. But I just had to listen to Madonna or I’d cry until I heard her sing: “Like a Virgin”.
It was obvious Starrlight couldn’t find her peace without music banging in her ears.
As time went by Hiphop caught her eye. Female mc’s like Da Brat, Lil’kim, MC Lyte and Foxy Brown came to her attention. While listening to their songs she just had an urge to try it herself.
She started writing on instrumentals of her favourite artists.

14 year old Starrlight wanted to create her own music and 2 years later she was really making her own tracks. Working on her own sound to not look or sound a like, she continued writing to perfect her style. Knowing there aren’t many female mc’s who really made it, she persisted to keep doing what she was doing to be the best she can be and still make it into the music industry.
“The most important aspect is to always keep the main thing, the main thing: Music is an emotion”

An upcoming female mc who will really make a difference and give you something you never heard before.
The way she plays with words, controls beats and thinks outside of the box, Starrlight can not be compared to anyone.
She could be the surprise you all been waiting for.