- Sample Chain Found 2

It's been a while since Sample Chain Found dropped. The reactions were amazing, some called it the mixtape of the year!
S.O.U.L. Productions and Deejay Irie teamed up again to deliver part 2. We managed to create a cohesive mix filled with originals, samples, soundbytes, scratches and mixes.
DJ's all over the world showed their support by delivering drops: DJ JS-1, DJ Bee, Ron G "The Mixtape King", Deejay Daddydog, DJ DNS, DJ Turne , DJ Angelo, DJ Perplex, DJ Pro Zeiko, Deejay Grazzhoppa, DJ Flip (I.T.F World Scratch Champion), DJ Cheeba, DJ Knowhow and DjRes-Q. We would like to thank each and every one of them for taking time from their busy schedules to participate in this mix!

So once again, I would like to invite you into another journey into the world of hip hop and it's samples. Hope you'll enjoy the ride!

Tracklist: www.deejayirie.com/2014/11/sample-…in-found-2.html

Get your SCF T-shirt here: soul10018.wix.com/samplechainfound

Also SCF2 comes with a live Video DJ Set. if you're interested in booking the show, send us a mail: samplechainfound@gmail.com