- Rebel Diaz – Craazy (Feat. C-Rayz Walz) (Official Music Video)

A lot of times when you question the system we live in, the system itself will be quick to discredit you, or even worse label you as Craazy. What's really Craazy is perhaps the conditions our communities live under and the way the government controls us. Now thats Craazy.

Craazy – Rebel Diaz and C Rayz Walz
Song Produced by G1 of Rebel Diaz 
Video Directed by Sense Hernandez of Beast Factory Films
Make up by @TaraPascual
Rebel Diaz New Album – Radical Dilemma – Coming Soon – www.rebeldiaz.com
C Rayz Walz New Album – The Code – Out Now – www.crayzwalz.com