- Mr. Morbid & Melph – My Type Of Shit #bmdx12


Check this music video for "My Type Of Shit" from Mr. Morbid & Melph's "Release The Demons" EP, available for purchase and free download.

VIDEO CREDITS: Camera: M. Timmers Editting: Melph and M. Timmers

AUDIO CREDITS: Vocals: Mr. Morbid and Melph Beat: Melph Cuts: DJ Fellbaum

SHOUT-OUTS: d'Blo, Schoppenaas, Mak, Psix, Uli, Zilvertraan


"Release The Demons" (EP) [2011] TRACKLIST:

01. Release The Demons

02. The Struggle

03. My Type Of Shit

04. Eternal Bleeding

05. Exhausted

06. Words Of Wisdom

07. Morbid Philosophies Part II


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Artwork by: Psix for Gory Detailz Design.tm

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