- Malkotraz: Thun – Chokehold (Prod. Friday XIII)


“Malkotraz” is a little item where we let a track out the cage that’s been locked up for too long.

New heat from TNT’s bearded boogieman Thun!

In between wrapping up the TNT “Nutcases & Bunkermazes” album and recording for his upcoming solo EP Thun now drops “Chokehold”. Over the FridayXIII produced track Thun reflects on the state HipHop is in today. You can hear TNT comrad Tyrone laying some extra layers of rawness on the hook. “Chokehold” was mixed by Jordan River Banks and mastered by Waxflowers’ I. Statinski.

Download “Chokehold” for free on the Malkovich Bandcamp page.