- M. ILL – Fuck Em All (prod. by Juan Calderon)

M. ILL was born in Eindhoven , The Netherlands in 1990. When he was a kid he used to be glued to his dad’s speakers listening to The Art Of Noise, Sting, Peter Gabriel and many more. The first time he heard rap music he knew what he wanted. He started out writing lyrics when he was twelve. When he was sixteen he met Active who also was a rapper. Together they formed a rap duo called BC but eventually both went their separate ways. Active was like a mentor to him, he teached M. ILL how to freestyle and put a mixtape together. 

After finishing an economic study he didn’t knew what to do and started working for UPS. At that time he knew that was not what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Still living at his parents house he wrote some songs and put together a mixtape called Antidope, on which he got a lot of good reactions. He got sick of working at UPS and decided to try  out for the Herman Brood Academie and he got through. This is where he met a lot of new producers, rappers and other musicians.  

U can listen to his first track release this year on 22tracks.com called ‘’Fuck em all’’. At this moment he is working on new music and and upcoming ep with producer/rapper Juan Calderon, who provides him with sick ass beats. They will bring out a lot of music out soon. 


Email: milanbrain@msn.com