- Lirical

I go by the name of Waïl Mohammed Ali ( lirical stage name) started making music since 2008. First i wrote my own songs only in dutch, after that i recorded a lot. Suddenly, last year i had that thoughts what i realy want it to make with music and who i want it to approach with my songs. So i discided from that day to record and write songs in english because i defenitly want to be a internationale artist. I dance, i rap, i like to sing. So i’m trying to make myself a much more artist as just a random rapper, entertainment. thats that word what i always remember. Doing what i love to do and doing what people love to see especialy as a person and a artist.

For more information or any request :

Facebook : Waïl Ali (lirical)

Twitter : @_LIRICAL

Mail : liricalmusic@gmail.com

Mobile number : +31 624504377