- Let it go

'Let it go' is an original song written by the ambitious 20-year old R&B, POP and SOUL singer/songwriter Danijela Jankovic.

"Sometimes in life you need to let things or people go in order to move on".

With this song she wants to not only encourage women but also men to not be fooled by others and stand up for themselves.


"Always dream big and make a change"

Danijela Jankovic is born and raised in Rotterdam. With her Serbian and Cape Verdean roots the singer/songwriter is trying to persuit a career in the music industry. She wants to be known for her unique sound and bring her own little twist into the music scene.

Charged up and ready to go, Danijela is currently working on a mixtape that will come out somewhere in april.

Get ready and be on the look out for this ambitious young lady.