- LCOB Official Album Trailer – CosmiCrusader: CosmiCalculations Part 1


The Audio Recordings On This Album Were Recovered From NASA's Voyager 1 Satellite After It Endured A Turbulent Solar Storm on July 23, 1978. Six Years Before SETI Was Founded, The Unspoken Mission Of Voyager 1 Was To Capture And Record Frequencies Traveling Through The Cosmos With New, Experimental Deep Space Network Radio Science Data Capabilities. The Origin Of The Transmission Is Unknown….
34 Years Later To The Day, The Lost Children Of Babylon's Cosmic Crusader Debuts Part 1 Of His Solo Project, "CosmiCalculations". A Triad Of EP's Totaling 23 Tracks Featuring Various Producers And Fellow LCOB Ambassadors, With 8 Songs On This First Installment.
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Title: The Lost Children Of Babylon Present… CosmiCrusader: CosmiCalculations Part 1
Artist: Cosmic Crusader (LCOB)
Label: LCOB Productions
Catalog Number: LCP-1009
01. Inhale (Prod. by Odin Smith)
02. CosmiCrusader (Feat. Dr. Michio Kaku) (Prod. by Vherbal)
03. Opening Of The Mouth (Prod. by Odin Smith)
04. Handbook For The Recently Deceased (Calculations) (Prod. by Odin Smith)
05. Fingerprints Of The Gods (Prod. by Vherbal)
06. Global Brain (Prod. by Vherbal)
07. Illusionist (Feat. Rasul Allah 7 & Atun Sen Geb) (Prod. by White Lotus)
08. Serpent & The Rainbow (Imagine That) (Feat. Atun Sen Geb & Tehuti Mos aka Richard Raw) (Prod. by Stretch The Mad Scientist)
All Songs Recorded At F-Dation Studios
All Songs Mixed & Mastered by Jon Murdock For LCOB Productions
Executive Producer: Cosmic Crusader
All Songs Written by M. McGlynn