- Inferno-Turn Away (Prod.By Tinox Productions)

The rap artist Inferno,based in The Netherlands, released his first Mixtape called “Rear View”  in September 2013.
The mixtape contains 12 tracks with various vibes, and is considered a Heartfelt tape, that takes the listener deep into his feelings and thoughts.
The Mixtape contains 7 productions of Allrounda Productions,  and other  beatsmiths such as: Tinox Productions,Sinima Beats.Tantu Beats & Tommy.
Also guest appearances Of Nino Bless(known from Slaughterhouse),
Neenah, Kain Slim, Cryptic Wisdom, Donna Lugassy, Chachi carvalho, Gio'Mar & Given Sens.
Afther releasing the Mixtape, Inferno immediately jumped back in the studio, when the producer Allrounda Productions asked him to make an album together.
Allrounda is known for delivering beats to major labels such as: Warner Bros Records, Sony BMG, EMI Records, MTV… and also being one of Soundclick's Top Producer for years.
The album is reaching his final states and is set to be finished end of April 2014 or late may 2014.
Although a release date remains unknown the album is set to be released this year. It will contain various guest appearances.  As a spoiler it is safe to say that Crooked I will be featuring on it.  There will be many more unexpected surprises on the project from the up and coming  artist Inferno.
Stay tuned!