- hypeness


My name is DJ 2 HYPE and i started djing about 12 years ago. When i was 6 years old i received my first mixtape called "Breakdance" with songs like "White lines" from Grandmaster Flash. A few years later i was introduced to underground hiphop through a good friend of mine, and i was hooked straight away. After seeing a videotape about djing i knew that this was my cup of thee.

A friend of my used to break in weert at Floor Burnin', this was the 1st place where i started spinnin and learned to master djing. From that time till now i have played in many places.

Recently i became a member off Zulu Nation Chapter Holland.

Here a summary where i played:

• The Notorious IBE 2011 (Heerlen)

• Back To Planet Rock (Eindhoven)

• Southern Madness (Heerlen)

• 3 For King (Eindhoven)

• Unbreakable (Gent, Belgium)

• Spin Off (Eindhoven)

• Pfingstcampf (Hannover, Germany)

• Voorprogramma Wu Tang Killa Beez (013, Tilburg)

• Support act for Guru of Gangstarr (013, Tilburg)

• Support act for Ossdorp Posse (Effenaar, Eindhoven)

• Support act for Phatkat & Wildchild (Area 51 Open Festival, Eindhoven)

• Support act for Opgezwollen (Azijnfabriek, Roermond)

• Support act for Jiggy Djé (Willen 2, Den Bosch)

• Support act for Typfoon (Tagrijn, Hilversum)

• Concert with D.A.C. (Willem 2, Den Bosch)

• South-Dutch Championships Breakdance (Todo, Best)

• Finale Grote Prijs (Amsterdam)

• Hip Hop Narratives (Hasselt)

• Te Moeilijk Festival (Eindhoven)

• Hall of Fame (Tilburg)

• Kicks (Tilburg)

• DJ off Ambulant

• DJ off Macronism


B-boy jams, hiphop concerts, expo's, battle's, workshops, i have done it all.

Music: breakbeats, hiphop, funk, blues, and a touch of jazz.

My passion for hiphop keeps me motivated to create new things.