- GhostDawg FT Helder FastLife

 24 year old rapper who allways was interested in the rap scene.

His big idols where 2pac and koolio, and Eazy E from listening to them and admiring there way of living and rapping, he kept the energy in himself allive to acomplish what he allways wanted to.

When he was 12 years he started rhyming and putting words and phrases together.

He started really finding himself when things started changing.

Getting sirious he had to find out that life is not allways how you want it, and some times you have to let the person go you feel like you need the most.

not because you want to but because you have to.

At home he did not allways have a steady life as to call a struggle to survive, but he has allways found the drive to do what he wants to do and keep it in mind.

to succeed is to never give up, at the begining of his rapcareer he liked the studio a lot.

But he saw that your own input is never the same as annother person’s input will be.

In order to get where he wants to be he had to find his way to people who had the same drive the same motivation the same struggle’s and so the same input.

Trying to find this energy he had allmost gave up on his dream because he had a hard time finding his way.

There even used to be a time that he started rapping in dutch because his friend passed over but it was not quite his thing.

When he was at the what he thought end of his dream he heared about friends starting;

Pure Amusement, after hard working his first session came out working together with annother young and tallented rapper named Robert Helder called; The Pure Late Night Session 10.

After a lot of people convincing him and feeding his eager to grow he knew that he was destined to life the american dream.

He started noticing that he had to network on his socials a lot and find new contacts with the same mind set, this is where he found himself teaming up with reefergang Ghostrydahz and Bazza beats.

He has just started this group as one, wishes them all the best of luck and he sees that they all believe in each other.

As he allways says Ressurected

He has lived in Suriname until he turned 4 years, then he moved to Castricum in the Netherlands after a lots of ups-and-downs together with his mom.

He can’t wait until the moment where he returns to his roots and can bless his family with the positivity he has