- Empne – Empty Shells (Konservokoutia) cuts by D-Cypha prod by Psix

starring: Empne, cuts by D-Cypha & Psix, produced by Psix.
taken from the album THE WORD BECAME FLESH AND BLOOD…
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01. The Golden Touch 
(feat. Rook Da Rukus, Duhnokah Da Great, Schoppenaas & Psix) 
02. Crime Spree 
(feat. Big Gastino, Crisis, Steadfast, Melk$$$$ & D Cypha) 
03. Organised Rime Family 
(feat. Don Valentino, King Mike V, Virus One, Psix, Empne, Roeschti & Schoppenaas) 
04. Church Of Madness 
(feat. Gurilla Grodd, Crisis, Schoppenaas & D Cypha) 
05. Playin' God 
(feat. Big Gastino) 
06. 2 Da People (tell 'm Where U From) 
(feat. King Mike V, Virus One, Psix & Empne) 
07. Live By The Law 
(feat. Taiyamo Denku, Schoppenaas, Rook Da Rukus & Psix) 
08. Empty Shells (konservokoutia) 
(feat. Empne & D Cypha) 
09. The Seven Gods Of Chaos 
(feat. 80 Proof, J Smith, Lord Q, Steadfast, King Mike V, Big Gastino & D-Cypha) 
10. The Spectacle 
(feat. Schoppenaas, King Mike V, Psix & Steadfast) 
11. Process Of The Come Up 
(feat. King Mike V, Schoppenaas, J Smith, Pherom One, Mighty Warrior, Grim, Ajfms, Risskant, Anonymouz, Steadfast, Psix & D-Cypha ) 
12. Menacing Sound (bedreigend Geluid) 
(feat. Stihopathis & Empne) 
13. Bloodlettin' 
(feat. Insane Poetry) 
14. Horrorfying 
(feat. Empne, Schoppenaas, King Mike V, Psix, Virus One & Don Valentino)
All songs produced and arranged by Psix
Released by Akkie Records: http://www.akkierecords.com
Mixed by S.Bolk for Husc Sound: http://www.husc-sound.com
Mastered by I.Statinski for Waxflowers mastering: http://www.waxflowers-mastering.nl
Cover Art Painted by Mike VanderHoof: http://www.kingmikev.com