ONE.NO - Dying Breed

ONE.NO is a independent hip hop artist born in Malindi, Kenya. He is currently a resident of Groningen, Netherlands and is 23 years old. Before getting into music he wrote short stories and poetry as he still does today. When he turned 15 and still lived in Leicester engeland he started writing short pieces and complementary songs to address political and social issues of his enveriourment and home country. Using poetical passages and strong lengthy rhyme schemes to get his point across. He decided to make rap his profession a few years ago. The young emcee got a strong attraction towards arts and politics. He was involved in demonstrations against corporation law and the stimulus of art in culture program for the youth. Important influences came from jazz music and poetical anthologies. Aspiring to a higher symbolical use of language as done by Shelly and Dickinson. Nina Simone is his favorite female artist of all time and Aja Monet his favorite poet. Other then making hip hop music, he is also graphic designer and the owner of a non profit organization strictly4mcs. He is currently busy with his first official e.p Kingdom Rules part 1: Fck the Indstry. Which is consist of hardcore boom bapp and neo soul instrumentals. The album paints a pictures of his views and ethics on his environments and the musics industry. His favorite hip hop artist are GURU 2PAC and NASIR JONES.

Released 19/05/2016