Dr. Nexuz was born in 1980 in Holland, from there started my life as a child…
I quickly learned allot about the world that it’s not gonna be save one.
I was at first very interested in the American language, 
all though it’s was not my origin of speaking it, That Cabo and Dutch.
I picked it up very soon I was singing songs from allot of soul music and others… I like James Brown, Jerry Lee Lewis, Percy Sledge, Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck, Wilson Picket, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, who I acted out.
I was always attracted to the stage, the soul of music. But I never could play instruments.
And I only could sing at a young age, cause of the soul music I could also dance; Breakdance and Electric Boogie.
Later on in 1992 I was into tapes… and started rappping myself and writing lyrics…
When I was about 12 years old listening to the Gangsta Rap and Rapping on the Streets. 
This was dark part of my life, doing all the bad things in the neighborhood.
But in 1994 I started Rollerblading (Called Aggressive Inline Skating)… 
With a few friends who named;
Pieter(My Rolling Teacha), Joshua, Kenny, Irving a.k.a. M.e.t.r.o. a.ka. Metronoom (DJ/MC in Jungle/Drum&Bass) 
It was a fun time for me and I soon realize a another perspective on the world. 
That bad things comes around and goes around.
I stopped with these minor criminal activities from a few friends and turned away from some negative things in my life in 1997, 
When The Blastmaster Da Teacha KRS-One,(Knowledge Reign Supreme Over Nearly Everyone) came with the song “Step Into a World (Rapture’s Delight)” on television, 
It’s was so amazing that Hip Hop was so powerful and positive… and turned me around cause somebody was having the same vision as I. 
It’s was exactly what I was searching for all this I never seen anything like that. 
Since then I really changed my life into a free-minded person with no boundaries of mental captivity cause my creativity lived with me. Later I had the pleasure of meeting KRS-One a few times on stage in Melkweg Amsterdam and Bitterzoet and I asked him a question on The Gospel Of Hip Hop it was recorded

And discussed about the "Creative Visualization" and how it works and I used it to meet him.
Since then I wrote over a 300 lyrics all together, But never released a song on a Label.
Maybe I never will… I put my own music out and release an album called Dr. Nexuz "Artistic Expression" independently also in the locals stores in Rotterdam and Maassluis.
Cause if the media controls your music. 
You may never will bring the real message to the people. 

Bring the Revolution, cause I am sick of mind-pollutions. 
Free from capitivity cause my creativity lives with me.

Peace and much Respect to the Hiphop Kulture.

Dr. Nexuz.

Thanks to you,

My Moms… God Bless her.
Grandmaster DCREAL67.
DJ/MC Metronoom.
The Whole Rollerblading Kulture.

Every B-Boy and B-Girl around the world.

All true Hip-Hoppas, Keeping Hip Hop true alive and peaceful.