- Bizzy The Misanthrope – BRVND NU

Written & produced by Bizzy the Misanthrope.
Mastered by Joeri Jager.
Artwork by Bizzy The Misanthrope.

"BRVND NU", part 1 of the 12" imma drop soon.
Just to feed y'all punks with a random activity of my daily routine.

First things first, this joint.

Next up:

– Jack van de Zalm x The Apocope – G O L D E N . [I worked on one of the tracks, called "De Nacht", gettin' turned up] [ @JackvandeZalm x @The Apocope @KreMusic ]
– My solo EP, further details will be released soon.
– Jack van de Zalm x Bizzy the Misanthrope – B A L L O N . [Full length with my man, full of thrill shit, droppin' when the weather gets cold]

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