- Bijou & Friends: D-Luzion ft Bijou – Danke #bmdx12


Saxophonist and pianist Bijou Esajas (collaborated with a range of DJ's & singers, e.g. Joan Franka) gave her own show at 'Music Matters presents…' Her showcase 'Bijou & Friends' covered different music styles like reggae, salsa, pop, bossa nova, funk, soul and so on.

This video contains D-Luzion ft. Bijou – Danke. Enjoy!

Video by Alternate Productions.

Sax: Bijou Esajas

Drums: Isai Reiziger

Guitar: Suzanne Jalink

Bass: Ronle 'Ron-Le-Bass' Rouse
Keys: Junior Ansjeliena
Lead vocals: D-Luzion
Backing vocals: Sergio Essed & Georgino Naarden